Product Focus

For clients who already have battery + additional power generation installed, our software supports demand management, maximizing battery health, and maximizing revenue from excess electricity generated sold back to the grid.
For clients seeking to build net new off-grid or microgrid solutions, we partner with EPC firms such as Green Village Electricity to perform feasibility, generate bill of materials, execute project financing, and complete solar+battery installation.

Investment and Financial Win-Win

  • Our approach creates an extra revenue stream for the solar+battery asset owner (sale of excess electricity in Day-Ahead or Power Pool markets)
  • Zero additional capex outlay by offtakers, our VPP software is priced as a residual monthly software service
  • Option for Asoba to take over Operations and Maintenance of energy generation and battery assets, leveraging monitoring from our VPP software to track power output depreciation for corrective and preventive maintenance as well as coordinate demand response programs
There are 5 key steps to get started