Long-term NFT Value and Utility

NFT Value

The Asoba DeFi treasury is put to work directly on the projects that funds are raised to support. This deployment of funds for operational purposes means that liquidity is essentially locked into real world assets for a time (generally during feasibility assessment and construction), but will be returned to treasury once the solar projects are operating with cash flow. At which point, the kWh generated by the project or the cash in USD paid by off-takers for that electricity can be used as fundamental backing of the value of the NFTs sold.
The floor value of the NFT is tied to the returns we expect from typical solar projects, which range from 12-20% IRR and 4-8% APY over the life of a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement. And in the future, as we qualify our projects for carbon credits through either self-attestation or the traditional gatekeepers (Verra or Gold Standard), we can provide additional asset backing (carbon credits) beyond essentially the cash value of electricity generated.


Like a more DeFi treasury structure, the value of NFTs held in an collector's wallet relative to total funds raised for a project determines the share of rewards. To address the natural and obvious sell pressure, rewards are also based on how long an investor continuously holds the NFT. The longer an NFT is held, the higher the rewards.
Other utilities include
  • Whitelist spots for pre-sales and discounted pre-releases of future mints
  • Free copy of Asoba DeFi founder Shingai Samudzi's book The Creator's Handbook​
  • Access to buyer-only monthly AMAs and buyer-only online climate tech and sustainability ecosystem events
  • Access to real-time updates on each project within our portfolio on buyer-only discord channel
  • Active members invited to annual retreat in Zanzibar
  • Eligible for surprise airdrops


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